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We at Alpha Seven Energy feel a responsibility to give back to our communities by supporting charities and good causes in both the US and Australia. Most of the ASE management team has and continues to support their local charities personally, and in May 2020 we decided as a company to “pay it forward” by proactively supporting these charities and other good causes via fundraising events and donations.

Environmental Responsibility

Being a relatively small and private company, we do not produce huge volumes of oil and gas in comparison to most publicly listed companies, thus our carbon footprint is lighter. It is not our intention to be the largest oil producer, but rather, it is to be one of the most profitable, and to share those profits with our investors and stakeholders while respecting the planet as best as possible.

We have an environmental responsibility mandate as a company and we are now commencing our New Growth Program, which means for every new and current project, we will plant new trees. All of our projects are under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the relevant state governing bodies, for example, the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC). ASE supports the energy transition and is currently looking at ways to diversify into renewable energy sources that will provide an acceptable risk-to-reward ratio for our investor partners.

Charities & Causes