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Alpha Seven Energy (ASE) is a privately owned company with offices in both Dallas, Texas (HQ) and Sydney, Australia. Our primary focus is to develop early-stage, top-decile, conventional and unconventional oil and gas reserves in the United States.

Our interests are fully aligned with our global investor partners who, like us, have direct ownership (working interest) in the physical wells, thus creating the ability to receive high-margin ROI and the opportunity to build an extensive oil and gas asset base.

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About Us

Alpha Seven Energy (ASE) was founded in May 2017 and is strategically positioned to rapidly commercialize oil and gas reserves to offer a high return potential to our global investor partners.

We utilize cutting edge technology to optimize the profitability of each asset we develop, while still staying true to our more traditional values, which stem from the belief that you must “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” These values, or core beliefs, have been instrumental in the development of our company’s culture, helping to strengthen the relationships we have with our investors, land owners, and industry leading experts.

How Our Projects Work

Our current strategy for 2024 is to focus primarily on developing vertical wells which are lower cost in comparison to horizontal wells, quick to drill, and allow us to maximize oil and gas production while taking full financial advantage of the favorable short to medium-term market conditions. Our latest project is perfectly positioned to execute our strategy and provide the greatest opportunity to deliver additional value to our investor partners.


Rig & Pad Construction

Drilling Phase

Completion Phase

Production Phase