During the COVID-19 outbreak, we took the opportunity to record a video conference featuring our senior partners responding to some of the questions below.


We’ve compiled some of our most frequently received questions and concerns below. We at Alpha Seven Energy pride ourselves on ensuring that each of our investor partners has a high level of confidence prior to coming on-board.

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Oil & Gas

How do I get paid as an investor?
What is the estimated ROI per project, and what is the investment time horizon?
I have never invested overseas before.
The world is transitioning to electric vehicles, therefore won't the demand for oil decrease?
How long have you been in business?
How do low oil prices affect my investment & income?
What are the effects on the environment?
Why should I invest in fossil fuels while there is a global push for the energy system to transition to clean energy?
I've heard a lot of bad things about fracking.
I've invested in property and the stock market, but never in oil & gas.
How do you know oil is beneath the ground?
Should investors be worried about the effect of geopolitics on the oil industry?
What effect does the exchange rate have on my investment?
How do I verify that the project is genuine?
I feel more comfortable investing in a publicly listed company.
What is the timeline from investing my capital to receiving income?
Do you have an accountant you recommend in the US to help with my annual taxes?
What type of on-going communication do I receive as an investor?
Do I need a US bank account, and if so, how do I set that up?
What am I investing in, and what is the investment structure?
Are you really an Australian-owned company?
As an Australian investor, am I taxed twice when investing in the USA?
What are the risks involved?
How long is ASE intending to remain in the oil & gas industry?
Do you provide investors with any reports once each well has been drilled?
Are the flow rates of oil & gas moderated and if so, who moderates it?
What can cause delays in drilling & completing a well?
How are earnings paid & reported?
How long is the term of my investment?

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