Robert Reyes
Robert ReyesSenior Petroleum Engineer
Robert is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Reyes has over 20 years in the Oil & Gas Industry with experience in logging engineering, operations, zonal isolation and fracture design. During his 18 years at Halliburton as engineer, Mr. Reyes served as Principal Technical Specialist. While on the Halliburton Technology Team he championed new products- such as diversion fracture methods, non-damaging fracture methods, non- damaging fracture fluid and Stimwatch (distributed temperature sensing) in the Permian Basin. After his career with Halliburton, Mr. Reyes co-founded Harmonia Petroleum Corporation in Midland, Texas, serving as the General Manager. Mr. Reyes has professionally authored many articles in books and magazines such as- DTS, diversion frac methods, and lightweight cementing…, in World Oil magazine. Mr. Reyes also serves as Chairman of both SWPSC in Lubbock and Chairman of SPE- Permian Basin.