We received an update on the next steps for Phase 2 from our partner over at Alpha Resources.
First, the gas will be tested for purchasing evaluation. The gas tester is scheduled to go out tomorrow, however, there has been over 10″ of rain in less than 48 hours in the Sabine Parish. Portions of the road remain underwater and inaccessible, but we’re  hoping to have the testing completed no more than a few days from now if tomorrow proves impossible.
From there, the results will go to the gas purchaser, Flatrock Midstream, in order to determine pricing.
Finally, we’ll install a gas tap and line to the main FlatRock pipeline, all of which is being quoted right now. The meter and pipeline will be installed and gas will begin flowing.
The completion is getting nearer day by day. We sincerely appreciate all of your patience and understanding and look very forward to tieing all of this up so that you can all start receiving your gas dollars!
As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions.