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Jeff K. Villines
Jeff K. VillinesPresident of Operations
Mr. Villines studied Business Administration at Texas A&M University
and Oklahoma State University. Mr. Villines is the third generation of the Villines family to prove
successful within the oil and gas industry and has over 18 years of infield experience. In addition, Mr.
Villines spent over 12 years managing the promotion of developmental and exploratory oil and gas
projects to private and institutional bodies, as well as providing private consultancy services to a number
of independent oil and gas companies, specifically, in the field of direct marketing of working interest
programs. Although his family has been involved in the oil and gas industry for over 75 years, each
generation has taken a different path into the industry; thus, Mr. Villines’ hands-on expertise is
invaluable in being able to ascertain and evaluate the best possible opportunities to proactively move
the company forward.