ASE is proud to be able to partner with the International Elephant Foundation (IEF) to help bring awareness to elephant conservation worldwide. We hope to raise donations from visitors to our website, from our investor partners, as well as making a donation from the company each time we complete a successful project.

IEF is the catalyst for creating a sustainable future where elephants thrive. Their projects focus on the severely endangered Asian elephant and the threatened African elephant. In the elephant range countries of Africa and Asia, they support programs that protect elephants, their habitats, and the communities who live with elephants in their “backyards” by reducing human-elephant conflict. Scientific investigations in North America and Europe expand their knowledge of elephants, their health, and their behavior to the benefit of wild elephants. With 27 projects this year, adding to the over 150 conservation projects they’ve supported since their inception, they are making strides on behalf of elephants. Because elephants are a keystone species in their habitats, protecting them also benefits the myriad of other endangered and threatened species who share those lands, such as tigers, rhinos, giraffes, pangolins, orangutans, lions, and more.

Their longtime support of the Recovery of Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda has seen the construction of 10 ranger posts with numbers 11 and 12 currently under construction. Increased security is allowing wildlife to recover from the devastation of the civil war and political unrest at the end of the twentieth century. Their Sponsor An Elephant program in Tsavo, Kenya protects the iconic Big Tuskers whose ivory weighs over 100 pounds on each side, safeguarding their magnificent genetics for future generations. IEF’s longest running elephant conservation project supports the Sumatran Elephant Conservation Response Units, protecting the evolutionarily significant and critically endangered Sumatran elephant as well as creating strong conservation partners in a region where human-elephant conflict is commonplace and elephants are often considered pests. They believe that the stronger the bonds people have with elephants, the more invested they will become in their survival. We must create a vibrant future for elephants, and IEF is dedicated to making that future a reality.