Grant McLoughlin
Grant McLoughlinSenior Partner
Born in Portsmouth and lived most of his life in Hayling Island, United Kingdom.
Grant worked for his family business, Designer Windows, then branched out to own
& operate a successful construction company prior to migrating to Australia in early
2008. Due to the GFC, he transitioned from construction into sales, then into
the world of investments, specialising in Foreign Exchange trading. Back in 2009,
he was as one of the highest performing consultants (Team Leader) for KPI
Capital, formerly based in Queensland.
Grant eventually moved into International Equities and then the Futures Market
with IDTA based on the Gold Coast, as the Head of Client Relations. Part of that
role involved spending almost 2 years public speaking around the 4 major cities
throughout Australia, supporting existing clients & leading enrolments via new
In 2015-2016 he co-founded Beyond Capital (BCAPP) and is a key stakeholder
within the organisation. Grant`s many roles involved capital raising for large-scale
property developments, sub-divisions, both new construction (Residential) &
building portfolios of commercial properties throughout NSW & QLD. He officially
joined the Alpha Seven Energy (ASE) team as one of the Senior Partners & the
President of Investor Relations Australia in November, 2018.