The Oil Industry as of February

The oil market at the end of 2018 was precarious at best. Investors were left wary and looking for good news in 2019 and so far, the market this year has been promising. Research Analyst of Banyan Hill Research, Matt Badiali, says, “At sub-$50 per barrel, drillers are going to curb new investment,” and with [...]

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The State of the Oil Industry

If you were to glance at the state of the oil & gas industry in November 2018, your knee-jerk reaction would probably be negative. It’s impossible to deny that Q4 of 2018 has been unkind to this industry, but like most things, it’s complicated. Let’s take a look at US production. According to the U.S. [...]

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Prices on the Rise!

As contradicting forecasts regarding US oil inventories from Bloomberg and Genscape left markets teetering, there is clearly little doubt in the value of New Mexico’s drilling potential. Bids in a federal government auction, conducted by the Bureau of Land Management late last week, reached a record high of $95,001 per acre, toppling the previous record of [...]

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Increasing Global Demand for Oil and Gas

Global Demand for oil is continuing to increase, leading experts to predict $100 + barrel prices over the next couple years. “This will last until capital spending catches up with new oil developments,” states John Hofmeister, former president of Shell. Why is demand increasing the way that it is for this commodity? What is causing [...]

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Will the U.S. Market feel the IMPACT of Trade Sanctions with China?

We’re beginning to see reports flooding into our inboxes highlighting how trade sanctions are going to dampen economic activity and squeeze oil demand, making now a precarious time to invest in oil and gas. However, these reports seem to focus only on fear mongering and persist in pulling discussion in the direction of a single [...]

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The big picture: A global view for Amerian oil and gas investors

Changes happening around the world have come together to create a perfect storm of opportunity for oil and gas investment. Alpha Seven Energy’s involvement in oil and gas at every level allows us to provide you with a global perspective of what’s changing now and educate you on what events are opening the doors to [...]

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The Future Of Liquid Natural Gas

The last decade has seen a shale gas drilling boom, effectively pushing the U.S. from an energy importer to an energy exporter. Late in 2006, shale gas production in the United States perplexed the U.S. Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) import market and the global LNG industry. Until that point, the United States was expected to be one [...]

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Winter Is Coming…What It Means For Oil And Gas

WINTER IS COMING… The Weather Channel has released its Winter Outlook and the stars have aligned for Alpha Seven Energy and our partners. This year is going to be a La Niña year, which means a colder than average and wet season for the northern states and warmer than average and dry conditions in the [...]

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The International Energy Agency just released its World Energy Outlook, and things are looking good for oil and gas in the US. The Outlook states that the 8 million barrel per day increase in shale oil production growth in the US from 2010 to 2025 will easily match the current record for the highest pace [...]

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