Borden County Phase 1


Our project gives investors a working interest (WI) in two oil & gas wells located in Borden County, within the Permian Basin, Midland, Texas. The wells are located on a 2,120-acre lease, and we have rights to all depths. All experts are predicting that this area (the Permian Basin) will be one of the largest oil & gas reserve zones in the whole US. Large publicly listed companies, like Earthstone & SM Energy (1 mile from our Project acreage) are securing leases/acreage, with recent transactions as high as $976 million USD (4th quarter, 2018) & $1.245 billion USD in August, 2018.

This is a unique investment opportunity because $6.8 million USD has already been invested into this project (securing the acreage and drilling one 6,400 ft well vertically with a 9,000 ft horizontal leg). The second well has been drilled to target depth as of January 25, 2019. There are a number of major benefits which give us a strategic advantage over other projects; both of the wells (Griffin 46-1H & Radmila 46-2H) will be completed (drilled) prior to any investors securing their working interest in this project. Investors save 10-14 weeks because both wells have been drilled and only need to be hydraulically fractured before production commences. This massively accelerates our investor partner’s recoup & profits period.