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Will the U.S. Market feel the IMPACT of Trade Sanctions with China?

We’re beginning to see reports flooding into our inboxes highlighting how trade sanctions are going to dampen economic activity and squeeze oil demand, making now a precarious time to invest in oil and gas. However, [...]

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Long Term Profits from Gas and Oil

Do you consider yourself a flash in the pan investor? Do you assume that you'll invest in something and have tons of money in just a week or two? Many people who are new to [...]

Tax Benefits from Gas and Oil Investments

These days there are few things that bring tax benefits with them. You used to be able to count your children as a tax benefit, but with the cost of college and all the other [...]

Making Money With Oil And Gas

If you know anything about domestic gas and oil, it's that we are nowhere near getting to the end of the potential for production. That means the possibility for profits from oil and gas is [...]