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March 31, 2020

ASE 1 Spud Update Valued Partners,We have recently been approved by the OCC to commence drilling. We will post another update once we know the exact date and time, but we expect that our operating team will be on site later this week. In addition, we plan to install live-feed cameras on site, which will [...]

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March 24, 2020

ASE 1 Spud Delay Valued Partners, The scheduled spudding of the ASE 1 well has been delayed due to the temporary closure of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission's offices. Our scheduled hearing to obtain a Spacing Exception Order has been postponed until further notice due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The purpose of the hearing is [...]

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Company Statement on Coronavirus

March 16, 2020We at Alpha Seven Energy, LLC continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic situation closely with respects to outbreak and health conscious updates. We have taken steps to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees including potential travel restrictions, reviewing business continuity and prudently evaluating the need and attendance at group gatherings and [...]

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March 9, 2020

Weekly Report February 21, 2020Cleared Surface Use Agreement – Leetka Family/ Bureau of Indian AffairsCut entrance road to rig siteFebruary 22, 2020 through March 4, 2020Moved stake due to creek location 80 footFiled spacing exception with OCC (Oklahoma Corporation Commission Oil & Gas Division)Cleared trees and building location; rocked where necessaryLeveling site in preparation for [...]

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March 3, 2020

Welcome to Seminole County Valued Partners,Phase I consists of two vertical wells, the ASE 1 and the ASE 2. The drilling rig has arrived on site today, and we expect that the wells will be spudded by mid-March. Additionally, construction of our gas pipeline is in-progress and is expected to be completed before our wells [...]

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December Update

Valued Partners, Season's greetings to you and your families. As the end of 2019 draws ever closer, what better time to take a quick look at our project's progression, from day 1 to today? November 2018: The 2,120-acre lease was secured December 2018: Drilling commenced April 2019: The Zipper line fracking of both the Griffin [...]

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Well Inspection

Valued Partners, On October 15, 2019, we took a short trip down to West Texas to inspect a few of the wells involved in our Taylor County project. While some were in good working order, others require a bit of restoration, having been neglected for years. We picked up the lease to turn these wells [...]

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Alpha Seven Energy Listed Among Two Dozen Australian Companies Operating in Texas

As more Australian companies set roots in the Dallas metroplex, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlins explains the importance of creating ties between the two economies. Read an excerpt from Global Travel Media's recent article below. June 5, 2019 Australian investment continues to increase in the U.S., especially in manufacturing, software and IT [...]

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Production Tracker (10/17/19)

Valued Partners, The latest production tracker is attached below. As you can see in the report, we’re still extracting significant amounts of water. Please note that these wells have been “choked back” to an extent, limiting their flow to preserve the formation, achieve higher consistency, and reduce the monthly decline curve. This is standard procedure [...]

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Production Tracker (09/05/19)

Valued Partners, You will find combined output for both the Griffin and Radmila wells below. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain production data for each well individually. While the combined oil production is accurate, we have had to estimate the individual production for the Griffin and Radmila wells by using past data. This data is [...]

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