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Alpha Seven Energy (“ASE”) is committed to becoming a vertically-integrated energy supplier that encourages innovation and sustainability at every level. We envision convenient, eco-conscious service stations around the globe bearing ASE’s logo. Each of our locations will showcase the cleanest fuels on the market, while our food & beverages will emphasize organic, local, and fair-trade products, all at prices everyone can enjoy.

Presently, ASE is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and raises capital in the domestic oil and gas space. We have an extensive due diligence process, which targets multi million dollar projects led by operators that can bring proven success and technological ingenuity to the table. From the outset, we have also devoted our time and energy to nurturing relationships with investors who represent the most promising markets around the world.

As we continue to achieve success across our target markets, ASE will start acquiring oil and gas leases, mineral rights, and other production interests. Then, we will be able to implement forward-thinking oil and gas practices from the first stage of production. In each project we choose, we look forward to collaborating with the local community to strengthen their economy in a way that can be sustained long after we complete our projects there. These capital investments will mark ASE’s pivot towards developing the infrastructure that will fuel our future customers at the pump.

Louisana Development

ASE’s leap into retail energy supply will be defined by the new possibilities we will bring to a traditionally everyday experience. We will apply the same exacting criteria we have used to qualify our projects, partners, and investors to select locations for our service stations. However, these ventures will realize a far greater return than dollars alone. Each location will embody the surrounding area’s potential, which we will support through a diverse mix of community outreach efforts designed to maximize the area’s economic and environmental future.

Get To Know The Team

Founder and CEO Chris Hemsworth and his staff talk about what its like being a part of the team at Alpha Seven and what our vision is for the future.


“Alpha Seven Energy is a community-oriented company committed to bringing cleaner energy to everyone, from production to pump“


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


Nathan SchellCEO
Chris HemsworthCOO
Tim JonesVP of Marketing
Dylan KnightVP of Investor Relations
Aaron HoffeeVP of Investor Relations
Dustin R MillerSenior Vice President

What You Will Receive

Project Overview Containing:

  • Maps
  • Geological Support
  • Full Company Overview
  • Proposed Well Location Information
  • A discovery call with our Geologist
Texas Development